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I’m Michelle Porterfield, a Certified Transformational and Stop Over Drinking Coach.

For so many years I was trapped in the daily cycle of over drinking. I got to a point where I was sick of being stuck. I had tried to stop drinking and I had failed too many times. I made the choice to choose something different – ME!

It wasn’t easy, it took surrender, daily awareness, new routines, getting honest with myself, and learning how to actually feel my emotions instead of stuffing them down.. oh…and lots of grace.

I am here to guide you on YOUR path to stop overdrinking. You are not alone!

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Free Masterclass

5 Steps to Help You Stop Over Drinking without Feeling Stressed or Overwhelmed

For Faith-Based Females Ready To Control Their Drinking

What you’ll learn:
  • How to stop being dependent on alcohol so you can truly feel free, confident and in control of your life again.

  • Guaranteed ways to refocus your mind so your drinking habit changes.

  • How I went from unfulfilled mom drinking one bottle of wine a day (minimum) to being truly happy, living out my purpose, and totally alcohol free!
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The #1 podcast for gaining control of your drinking and transforming your life.

Tune in for weekly episodes, interviews and motivation to support you in going alcohol free.

The Set Free Sisterhood Podcast is a free weekly content stream that allows you to gain confidence in yourself as you pivot through these first steps of going alcohol-free and know that you are not alone. 

Yes Please

This is my 6-week virtual course for women who know deep down that their over drinking is a problem and they're ready to get a handle on it.

I'm going to teach you how to:
  • Create new routines and habits that combat alcohol cravings

  • Rewire your thinking and remove excuses about why you “need” a drink

  • Evaluate the areas of your life that seem out of alignment so you can find joy again

And more!

Stop Over Drinking Roadmap

Learn More

One-on-one customized virtual coaching in a safe space on your time!

We will get laser focused on:
  • Getting set free from the mind drama around drinking.

  • Learn how to feel and experience emotions and show you how to express them in a "not so scary" way to help you heal.

  • Overcome and manage anxiety around areas of stress or fear and have the tools to regulate your body in the moment.

And so much more!!!

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What My Clients  Are Saying...

"I went from an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and shame from daily drinking to 2 years+ alcohol free and newfound awareness around thought patterns and daily habits.

I've created healthier habits .. and learned that my thoughts control my feelings and I have control over them if I pay attention to them."

"I learned to deal with the real reason why I felt i needed to escape life!

Working with Michelle truly helped me deal with the feelings that were making me want to drink. I started giving it more to God and talking with him more as well. This program was an amazing experience."

"I wanted changes I could be proud of!

Now that I'm in a healthier mindset and in a healthier relationship with alcohol I feel in control. I feel more purposeful!"




"I have learned some great tools that will help me succeed in my recovery journey. I found these helpful in any situation you are struggling with."


"I have found a path towards forgiveness.

I am taking specific actions to overcome my fears. I am speaking my truth with more clarity and taking responsibility for my feelings."


"I was a huge weekend binge drinker and working with Michelle was a gamechanger for me!

I will be forever grateful for Michelle!"


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