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The Set Free Sisterhood Podcast mission is to help you gain control of your drinking so that you can transform your life, rewire negative thoughts and get back to the you that God created you to be!  Underneath the alcohol true freedom can be found, and it's my honor to help you to ditch that wine witch and finally get that breakthrough.
If you are ready to get your power back, cultivate healthy relationships, gain self acceptance and self love- all while reigniting your faith then this is the podcast for you!  I'm so excited for you!

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From unhealthy relationship with alcohol and shame from daily drinking to 6 months+ alcohol free and newfound awareness around thought patterns and daily habits.

"I've created healthier habits .. and learned that my thoughts control my feelings and I have control over them if I pay attention to them."


I have learned some great tools that will help me succeed in my recovery journey.  I found these helpful in any situation you are struggling with.

"a better understanding of myself and my worth"


I am taking specific actions to overcome my fears.  I am speaking my truth with more clarity and taking responsibility for my feelings.

"I have found a path towards forgiveness"


Now that I'm in a healthier mindset and in a healthier relationship with alcohol I feel in control.  I feel more purposeful!

"I wanted changes I could be proud of!"


I was a huge weekend binge drinker and working with Michelle was a gamechanger for me! 

"I'm will be forever grateful for Michelle!"


Working with Michelle truly helped me deal with the feelings that were making me want to drink. I started giving it more to God and talking with him more as well. This program was an amazing experience.

"I learned to deal with the real reason why I felt i needed to escape life!"

Hey Sister, I’m Michelle Porterfield, a Certified Transformational and Stop Overdrinking Coach. For so many years I was trapped in the daily cycle of over drinking. I got to a point where I was sick of being stuck.  I had tried to stop drinking and I had failed too many times. I made the choice to choose something different – ME! It wasn’t easy, it took surrender, daily awareness, new routines, getting honest with myself, and learning how to actually feel my emotions instead of stuffing them down.. oh…and lots of grace.
I am here to guide you on YOUR path to stop overdrinking. You are not alone! Let's chat!

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