Set Free Sisterhood

I help women stop drinking and create a life they love.

Michelle is a Certified Stop Over Drinking and Transformational Results Coach and Host of the Set Free Sisterhood podcast.

She helps women stop over drinking and create the life they love starting by trusting themselves.

She believes there are far too many women who are buying into the lie that they have to drink to have fun, lessen anxiety, sleep better, or be social. It’s become an idol in their life to the point where they feel like they have to hide it and they think they can’t stop on their own, and if that’s true something must be wrong with them. They feel stuck.

She’s been alcohol-free for over 5 years and she loves to share her story about how she broke the cycle of drinking wine almost every day for years. No one knew it was her secret struggle.

She is a Southern girl, loves Jesus, and was born and raised in SC! She has two amazing daughters and a ‘bonus’ son through adoption. She has overcome self-doubt, self-sabotage, broken promises to herself, and feeling stuck in the cycle of daily drinking for years.

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